Should Christmas music be listened to before Thanksgiving?

A highly-debated topic in a year unlike any other


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Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer

In my opinion, no, it shouldn’t. 

Now before you go typing “Bah Humbug”, and “Scrooge”, understand that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the weather, the joy, the gift wrapping and everything about it. Trees, snow, sweaters… the list goes on and on. Christmas is my favorite holiday, period.

Saturday, I was listening to Lite Rock 105 WWLI-FM on the way to the gym. Suddenly Bing Crosby’s “It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas” started playing. I was shocked. It was only the 14th of November. Why so early?

Are we forgetting Thanksgiving? It’s the day we give thanks for the things we are grateful for- the day where Native Americans and Pilgrims had a feast to celebrate living together and for the Natives helping them on the new land.

Thanksgiving is being slept on. All the food one can eat, the comfortable fall clothing, football and the overall vibe of it. It is a great holiday people are starting to skip over now because of the music.

“But Ethan there is no Thanksgiving music. Christmas music makes me happy and brings joy,” one might say. Reader, you are right. Especially with this year, people need joy in their lives.

Surprisingly, many other people agree.

UMass freshman Hakon Lentz said, “I like (Christmas music). I’m a jazz musician so I like listening to ‘An Ellington Christmas’ and some Frank Sinatra stuff. I just like that there’s a time in the year where I can listen to jazz without being judged.”

“I love playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving,” said freshman Simone Vassell. “I feel like the two holidays go together. I think that it’s great to play it early especially this year because it has definitely made me feel better.”

Freshman Abby Frank said that Christmas music should be listened to after Thanksgiving.

“I do not think Christmas music should be played before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is its own holiday and we need to celebrate that too. I want to stretch the fall season of pumpkin spice so I don’t want fall to end before Christmas starts,” said Frank.

Each family has their own traditions. So hey, we may disagree. If Christmas music makes you happy in this awful year please listen to it.

I hope everyone has a nice relaxing break and that you stay safe.

Happy Holidays!

And don’t get me started on putting up trees before Thanksgiving.


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