Fashion-forward bags for the fall 2022 semester

A shopping guide for finding the perfect tote bag

Walking around campus this fall semester, it becomes apparent that many students have left their backpacks behind in favor of new stylish and functional tote bags. 

It all started with two; The Telfar Shopping Bag and Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag”. As aesthetically pleasing as these bags may be, they come at a cost. Many other stores offer more affordable options for the regular college student budget. 

Telfar Shopping Bag might just be the “it” bag of the fall 2022 semester. I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to many who have been aware of Telfar’s success over the past year. The bag is defined by the company as “an everyday bag for everyone”

Telfar offers 37 different colors, making it impossible to decide on just one. The bag is sold in small, medium and large, which adjusts the price. The large size makes the perfect “weekender” bag, while the medium size seems like it was made for every day on campus.

If you’re wanting to get your hands on your own, the most reliable place to attain one is the Telfar website or on Stockx where bags are sold in brand new condition. The sleek design and affordable price make the Telfar shopping bag a no-brainer.  The price of the bags depends on the chosen size but ranges from $150 to $257.

It seems like Marc Jacobs’ “The Tote Bag” almost ignited the trend of tote bags in place of backpacks on campus. The bag definitely makes a statement, showcasing “Marc Jacobs” and “The Tote Bag” front and center on the bag. 

The bag ranges in sizes from “mini” to “large,” offering different uses for the bag. If you’re worried about matching bags with another classmate, don’t worry; Marc Jacobs offers different straps so you’re able to customize your bag and personalize your look. Although a more expensive option, ranging from $200 – $500, if you’re looking for a statement bag on campus, this is the one. 

As dreamy as the Telfar Shopping Bag and Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag” are, affordable options sound much nicer to the wallet. Popular retailers like Zara and Urban Outfitters provide similar looks at a fraction of the cost.

For example, the “Basic Tote Bag” is less than $40 on the Zara website, featuring a sleek and classic look to store all of the necessities for long days on campus. The bag may not feature Telfar’s signature or Marc Jacobs name, but it will store your laptop and notebooks, which is sometimes all you need. 

While Zara sells a tote with a more classic and refined look, Urban Outfitters will fulfill the need for something with a bit more character. The prices on Urban Outfitters are like that of Zara, with fun designs appealing to the average college student. 

Through Zara and Urban Outfitters, you can find tote bags that will cost you less than $80, while also showcasing some of your personality with different colors, patterns and textures. 

Neutral bags are cool since they’re able to match with almost all of your wardrobe, but a pop of color or fun pattern can help motivate you throughout the semester to stay productive and involved on campus.

Bags offer a form of self-expression on campus, where thousands of students go in and out each day. If you’re looking for a more fashionable option than your old backpack, give the tote bag trend of this fall season a try. 

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