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Studio Ghibli: A collection of amazing storytelling and nostalgia

Young or old, Miyazaki movies are made for everyone
Emilee Klein, Writer February 24, 2021
Writer Emilee Klein invites us through her spoiler-free guide for the Studio Ghibli movies.
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Colorfully flat: “I Care A Lot” fails to deliver a modern-day femme fatale

The latest Netflix film struggles to craft a contemporary femme fatale, resulting in a flat “girl boss”
Brianna Silva, Editor-In-Chief February 20, 2021
With an intriguing plot and a promising cast, the film appears like another gripping adventure filled with twists and turns. However, it falls flat of its expectations. 
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Six movies to swoon over this Valentine’s Day

Did you set up an at home theater this Valentine's Day? Next step is playing one of these movies
Aaron Vincent Facundo, TV/Film Editor February 14, 2021
Can't decide on the perfect flick to watch with your beau? Here's six of our film editor's favorites.
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“Judas and the Black Messiah” recreates an underlooked part of American history

Director Shaka King's studio debut leaves audiences wondering why anyone still trusts the FBI
Aaron Vincent Facundo, TV/Film Editor February 12, 2021
Throughout the duration of the film, the audience is constantly presented with dramatic irony. While they are made well aware of O’Neal’s cooperation with the FBI, Hampton's lack of awareness plays into the heartbreaking betrayal.
“The Queen’s Gambit” is more than just a game

“The Queen’s Gambit” is more than just a game

It’s hard to make chess interesting, but this Netflix original series does just that
Aaron Vincent Facundo, Contributor November 19, 2020
The writers managed to transform chess from a classy game of wit into a tactical and psychological war between two individuals.
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Adam Sandler’s “Hubie Halloween” is a not-to-be-taken-serious, spooky flick 

The holiday favorite may be a treat for some and a trick for others
Sean Dunham, Contributor October 16, 2020
The Netflix original serves the purpose of providing lots of laughs and demonstrating a feel-good story in which a somewhat lonesome character rises to his long-awaited glory.
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BLACKPINK releases long-awaited first album and Netflix documentary

The group’s first full-length album and feature film have one thing in common: a newfound sense of vulnerability.
Isabel Guilmette, Contributor October 16, 2020
In an industry as image-driven as K-pop is, it’s rare to see any attempt to push past the flawless appearance of a group as big as BLACKPINK and get straight to the heart and spirit of the members and their honest love for what they do.
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“American Murder: The Family Next Door” will chill you to the core 

Uncover the dark truth of the Watts Family Murder with real-life footage from Aug. 13, 2018
Kacey Connolly, Podcast Editor October 13, 2020
From background on who Shanann was to the complicated intricacies of her marriage, Netflix outlines the Watts Family Murder so perfectly it almost feels just a little bit fake.
Five (more) films to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Five (more) films to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Appreciating Latinx culture through cinema
Brianna Silva, Editor-In-Chief September 30, 2020
Building off the list of films from last year’s roundup, here are five films that push the limits of representation in front of and behind the screen. Ranging from the United States to Chile, each of these films explore different lives, cultures and genres. Regardless of your primary language, these films are sure to evoke deep emotions.
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In Memoriam: Chadwick Boseman replicates the legacy of MLK and Malcolm X

Fellow Howard grad and UMass Amherst professor John H. Bracey, Jr. discusses the late actor, Howard University and a life well lived.
Nasya Blackshear, Assistant Lifestyle Editor September 21, 2020
“He didn't have to compromise to get a billion dollars. He said, look, I can be myself and bring blackness into this world, into your comic book world and will turn it upside down sideways,” said Bracey.
Kanye West at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival and Taylor Swift at the 2019 iHeart Radio Awards. Both have recently spoken against industry contracts/ David Shankbone and Glenn Francis, respectively

Power behind the voice: The long history of mismanagement in the music industry

A breakdown of Kanye West’s latest Twitter rampage and the contracts swindling artists since the early 1960s
Julia Donohue , Managing Editor September 17, 2020
Unfortunately West, Swift and Chance The Rapper are not the first musicians to be weighed down by the industry Chronicled below are how three major musical entities were mismanaged by one man, Allen Klein.
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A mini guide to HBO’s free streaming

From classics to just aired, here's what to watch on HBO's no subscription required service
Julia Donohue, Entertainment Editor April 15, 2020
HBO has made some of their best shows, documentaries and movies free. But with hundreds of hours of content, what are you supposed to watch?
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