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Morbius: A Complex Character

Morbius: A Complex Character

Will this anti-hero be the one needed to shake things up? Will he get to cross into the MCU? If so, Spider-Man might be in trouble.
Zach Steward, Politics/Op-ed Editor April 17, 2022

Why a vampire doctor? Why is he relevant, and what does his introduction to the superhero world mean going forward? These are some of the questions I have following the Morbius movie, and who knows if...

The Batman movie poster. Credit DC Films.

The Batman: Savior or Capitalist?

This version of Batman is not the seasoned vet we have come to know. Yet, the story is about more than him, as it serves to have society question itself and the lengths it will go to hold onto old ideals.
Zach Steward, Politics/Op-ed Editor April 8, 2022

Spoiler alerts below! Read only if you've seen the movie.   Robert Pattinson is a well-rounded actor that plays a broody Bruce Wayne/Batman well. Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle is compelling,...

Ask UMass: Mask Mandate Lift

Ask UMass: Mask Mandate Lift

Ethan Brayall-Brown, Assistant News Editor March 28, 2022
On this episode of Ask UMass, students tell Ethan Brayall-Brown their thoughts and opinions on the lifted mask mandate here at UMass.
Ruth E. Carter speaks to students in the Bowker Auditorium. Photo courtesy Brianna Alexander

Ruth E. Carter Shows UMass an Afrofuturist Fashion Show

Embracing Black history and reimagining the future is at the core of every costume in Wakanda.
Emilee Klein, Podcast Editor February 18, 2022
Oscar-winning “Black Panther” costume designer Ruth E. Carter brought Afrofuturism from movie screens to UMass Amherst on Feb. 17 with her Black Heritage Month keynote speech about the powerful activism behind visualizing Black heritage in a technological context.
Bella Hadids Instagram post on mental health

UMass students respond to Bella Hadid’s Instagram post

Bella Hadid posts on her mental health and the impact of social media
Liesel Nygard, Writer January 25, 2022

On Nov. 9, 2021, Bella Hadid shared her struggles with mental health through Instagram by posting eight photos of her crying, one photo of an IV in her arm and a video from Willow Smith. In the video,...

8th Gate: Sakura Deserved Better

Pablo Quiceno and Dylan Castro November 23, 2021
It's not Sakura's fault she's useless.
Promotional Poster for Dexter: New Blood (Showtime)

“Dexter: New Blood” has the potential to make up for the original series’ awful finale

This article contains spoilers for Dexter's season eight finale, but that wasn't worth watching anyway.
Aaron Vincent Facundo, TV/Film Editor November 14, 2021
Ten years after the original series ended, everyone's favorite forensic scientist by day and serial killer by night is back.
The 8th Gate: Inside the Animatrix

The 8th Gate: Inside the Animatrix

Pablo Quiceno and Dylan Castro November 9, 2021
Take the blue pill and dive into The Matrix.
Promotional posters for A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream

Wes Craven: The creator of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Scream”

Did you know that two of the most iconic slasher villains were created by the same person?
Daniel Vicario, Contributor October 30, 2021
He started out as a professor and director of pornographic films before directing two of the most classic horror films of all time.
Graphic by Aaron Vincent Facundo

The Amherst Wire editors share their favorite Halloween movies

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and "Hereditary" could not be any more different from one another, but both are great picks to watch this Halloween.
Amherst Wire Staff October 29, 2021
Some people like to go out and dress in costumes, while others like to stay in and watch a good horror movie. Trick-or-treat yourself to one of our editors' favorite Halloween movies.
The 8th Gate: Pilot

The 8th Gate: Pilot

Pablo Quiceno and Dylan Castro October 26, 2021
Anime fans Pablo Quicero and Dylan Castro have high hopes for "Demon Slayer."
Graphic made by Aaron Vincent Facundo

The Amherst Wire editors share their favorite movies

Ranging from "Grown Ups" to "Midsommar," the Amherst Wire editors talk about their favorite movies.
Amherst Wire Staff October 22, 2021
What do "Midsommar" and "Grown Ups" have in common? They're both two of our editors' favorite movies.
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