App of the week: DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats

Support local restaurants by enjoying some delicious meals


This week’s app of the week is actually three, as I could not choose just one food delivery app. Many areas have different availability in terms of what is offered on these apps, so I suggest doing some research and downloading whichever one has the most restaurants to order from in your area. During this time, with dining at restaurants completely out of the question, ordering through food delivery apps is a great way to support your favorite local eateries while still practicing social distancing. Many restaurants are now offering delivery, takeout, or curbside pickup and delivery is a great way to maximize safe practices. Plus, who doesn’t like to have their food delivered straight to their door?

I personally enjoy using DoorDash, because it has the most restaurants in my area to choose from. I have already used the app to order from my favorite Mexican restaurant down the street, which is just a small local spot in my town. It’s not much, but it feels good to support places like this, who primarily served local customers before we all went into quarantine. I also personally find DoorDash to be the most visually pleasing and easy to navigate, although that is my personal preference. It also offers a pickup option as well, if you so choose. It also lists the menu, the restaurant’s hours, and estimated delivery time. Simply enter your card information and it makes getting your food simple, easy and fast. 

Grubhub is another popular option that offers easy delivery with the touch of a button. I personally have fewer options on my Grubhub account, but this is likely to differ for many people depending on where they live. Grubhub has a “perks” section, where users can find deals on restaurants near them. When you choose a perk, they will be applied to your checkout. Grubhub also lets users see the reviews of a restaurant, if you are ordering from a new place or are unsure of the quality. 

Uber Eats is another crowd favorite, although personally, it has the least amount of restaurants available to me. They have similar options and information as DoorDash and GrubHub, listing reviews, location, delivery time and menu. Uber Eats also often has a delivery fee, although this I have found is usually a small price to pay. Out of the three, I find Uber Eats to be the least aesthetically pleasing, although it is still easy enough for the average person to navigate. 

During this time, if you’re an avid restaurant-goer like myself, it might seem like a major loss that eating out is no longer an option. But continuing to support your local restaurant to ensure they are open in the future is important, plus you get to still eat yummy food. It’s a win-win situation. 

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