UMass students share their perspectives on fashion

A photo series of on-campus “street” style

A question we often ask ourselves is whether or not we have a sense of style or if we truly understand fashion. But what exactly is fashion? What distinguishes someone from either having or not having style? After speaking with various students around campus, I have found an answer.



Danielle, a sophomore.

Danielle is into the comfortable streetwear style. She believes that accessories make the outfit and are the most important part. With fall fashion right around the corner, Danielle plans to wear turtle necks and colorful jackets to stay stylish in the colder weather. 


Wole described his style as something that depended on how he felt on that particular day and in general, he saw it as an expression of one’s personality. On the day that we spoke, he was channeling a bright orange look to coincide with the bright and energetic mood that he had woken up with. 


Sam does not like to conform their style to just one word. They believe that whatever feels good on them is a good outfit. Sam views fashion as being all about the silhouette that is created from the choice of clothing. 


Urbina described her style as being comfy and relaxed but also making a statement. She believes that the top is always the most important part of an outfit and so she focuses the statement aspect of her outfit on the top.


Norah likes the idea of having a fun and comfortable style. She isn’t restricted to a certain genre of clothes since she tends to rely on wearing whatever she feels at that moment. Norah views the top as the most important part of the outfit and makes sure it is always her focal point. She also sees jewelry as a huge part of fashion and often wears a mix of different rings. 



Liz, a sophomore. Photo: Hannah Stryke

Liz’s style relies on various colors and mediums. She enjoys earthy tones but also black and chains. She sees her style as something that changes every day. Much of Liz’s fashion influence comes from the Queer and Black communities. On the day we spoke, she chose to wear a beautiful handmade crochet skirt and socks. Similar products can be found on her Etsy and Instagram @zousdesigns. 


All of the conversations I had about fashion brought me to the conclusion that there really is no definitive definition of fashion. People may try to label it and convince you that in order to be fashionable you must dress a certain way, but in reality, there are an infinite number of perspectives on fashion. What is fashionable and what is not, is up to you and no one else.

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