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(Photo of a sweater from Buffalo Exchange)

“Massachusetts 2050: A Warming State” Suggestions for better fashion habits

In a consumer driven economy, can the decisions made at the mall impact our environment?
Chloe Ostiguy and Melissa Meltzer March 26, 2021
A company cannot survive without the financial support of the everyday consumer.  When feeling powerless in one’s ability to make an impact it is important to remember that we enact change by deciding what we support financially and that it is the middle class that drives the market, not the top 1% on their own. 
(Ribbed White Top / H&M)

“Massachusetts 2050: A Warming State” the fast fashion industry and it’s environmental impacts

What labor practices and environmental impacts are you supporting when you buy into the fast fashion industry?
Chloe Ostiguy and Melissa Meltzer March 19, 2021
The goal of fast fashion is to make and globally distribute clothing as quickly and cheaply as possible.  From making and gathering materials to importing textiles to factory production to shipping, every practice the industry partakes in is carbon-emitting. 
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Harry Styles ‘dressed’ to impress on the cover of Vogue

Dressed is in quotations because, yes, he wore a dress. 
Olivia Mahoney, Contributor November 30, 2020
Our age-old societal norm that every person must strictly subscribe to one or the other is unnecessarily destructive and restrictive. There’s a great deal more to worry about in this world than men who might enjoy a dress. 
Pictured: Samet with 2 of her hand painted bags. Photo from @cutelilbaggies on Instagram

Meet the NYU student running a small business from her dorm room

Creating your own version of reality that you can wear
Isabel Guilmette, Writer November 18, 2020
Since opening the shop on July 26, Samet has sold around one hundred bags and expanded her business, which originated on Instagram, on several different online shopping websites, including Depop and Etsy, and she isn’t slowing down.
What does fashion look like in the age of Zoom classes? 

What does fashion look like in the age of Zoom classes? 

How our style has changed in an era of online lectures and social isolation
Grace Fiori, Contributor November 10, 2020
As many college students started their fall semester from the desk of their childhood room, attending seminars and lectures through a pixelated screen, daily uniforms have fluctuated. Some choose to dress up, others are fully embracing the athleisure wear lifestyle. Colder weather and early nights beckon all of us to embrace cozier clothing.
Fall Fashion–but make it thrifted

Fall Fashion–but make it thrifted

Look for these 3 staples to spice up your wardrobe this fall
Madison Bethune, Contributor October 14, 2020
With “vintage” being on-trend, the lure of affordable prices, and the thrill of finding a cool piece, thrifting has become a fun (and practical) way to find unique items to add to your wardrobe.
(Photo courtesy of Mass Vintage/@Massvintage)

Mass Vintage: the new store with secondhand finds

Run by 2 UMass Amherst Alumni, Mass Vintage is the stop for unique thrifted pieces.
Sophia Torres, Writer February 20, 2020
Five months after its grand opening in September, Mass Vintage is running smoothly and garnering more support in downtown Amherst.
Ask UMass — End of the decade fashion

Ask UMass — End of the decade fashion

UMass students share their thoughts on fashion trends from the last decade.
Meghan Carney and Nicole Biagioni November 10, 2019
With 2020 quickly approaching, the Amherst Wire video team will be asking students about key trends from the last ten years in our "End of the decade" series. In this episode, Meghan Carney and Nicole Biagioni ask students about the best and worst fashion choices since 2010.
Christian Linweaver's and Abby Mclean's fall outfits.

How to stay stylish and warm this season

Samantha Croteau, Contributor November 1, 2019
Five fall or winter fashion trends and where to find these styles on a budget.
Four sweaters to try out for the colder seasons

Four sweaters to try out for the colder seasons

Four different sweaters you definitely need for the fall and winter.
Matt Hachisu, Contributor October 23, 2019
How to look fashionable while remaining comfortable.
(Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons)

YouTube star Shane Dawson documents life in the spotlight with “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star”

Shane Dawson goes number one trending on YouTube four hours after the release of his new Jeffree Star series trailer.
Alana Zeilander, Contributor October 8, 2019
Dawson displays all the ups and downs of being an outsider on the inside of the chaos of the beauty world. From a news story about the dynamic duo not being on the best of terms, to discussing Star’s ex-friends, fans learn more about his perspective.
(Shiloh Clark/Amherst Wire)

Shopping at Goodwill can save more than your wallet

Stores like forever21 make great outfits for parties, but at what cost?”
Shiloh Clark, Contributor September 19, 2019
The effects of fast fashion on the environment are more serious than many realize; however, alternatives to retail shopping are available right down the street.
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