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Inside SmashUMA: the past, present and future of smash

A peek into the famous platform fighters club here at UMass
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer May 7, 2021
SmashUMA is a university club that was approved by the Registered Student Organization back in 2013 with the intention of just getting a group to play some smash. But with COVID-19, arguably the most fun part of the game was taken away; the in-person couch play.
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A conversation with Sonya Epstein, the former SGA president who didn’t rerun

Sonya Epstein wanted to create a new path for the Student Government Association, instead they found a confrontational Senate and a dismissive administration: Part one of two
Talia Heisey, Writer April 22, 2021
While the past academic year has been well known for its administrative failings, behind the scenes of the Student Government Association, now former President Sonya Epstein, experienced a difficult and tumultuous relationship with members of the SGA. The mental health difficulties of dealing with these confrontations, as well as SGA members spreading rumors about them, eventually led to their decision not to run again despite being only a junior.
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“Massachusetts 2050: A Warming State” Where does our trash go?

The pathway from the University bin to the dumping ground
Caeli Chesin, Writer April 16, 2021
According to the 2018 UMass Amherst Waste Management Report, UMass produced 8,103 tons of trash, with 4,889 of those tons being recyclable. Yet, we can not be sure if that amount actually ends up being recycled due to contamination in the recycling stream or a lack of demand from buyers.  
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The Pandemic Chronicles: Is it worth staying on campus during a pandemic?

One student's decision to leave campus and finish her semester at home
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer March 23, 2021
One student's decision to leave campus and finish her semester at home

Three video game demos that will make you want to pick up your Nintendo Switch again

Too much time, but not enough money? These three demos are great picks to play on your Nintendo Switch
Olivia Capriotti, Writer March 16, 2021
Remember that Nintendo Switch you picked up to play "Animal Crossing" at the beginning of the pandemic? You can make more use out of your device by downloading these three Nintendo Switch demos.
Massachusetts 2050: A Warming State a Q&A with UMass Professor and writer of United Nations IPCC Climate Report

Massachusetts 2050: A Warming State a Q&A with UMass Professor and writer of United Nations IPCC Climate Report

IPCC scientist breaks down the effects of climate change in Massachusetts, and the potentiality for future hope
Caeli Chesin, Writer March 12, 2021
"The question is, okay, so if we don’t do anything for another 10 years or another 20 years, then we’re talking about letting the world two degrees warmer than today. Once you start approaching a world that’s on average two degrees warmer than today, that’s the global average. We’re flirting with this kind of global temperature that could trigger some really big, bad changes."
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One-third of Boston Student Advisory Council resigns in “student mutiny,” alleges abuse of power

The exodus followed this weeks revelation of a potentially invasive mental health practice and other claims of abusive behavior
Rebeca Pereira, Writer March 5, 2021
“Girl, she’s shook,” her message reads. At the end of the day, BSAC representatives are still students, teenage students who’ve felt their voices stifled in an environment where they were meant to be valued.
Raaya Alim and her family/ Raaya Alim

Texas winter storm spares no one

Frigid temperatures and an electric grid rigged for profiteering plunged Texas into week-long dark age, startling UMass and other college students with little recollection of the system’s previous lapses.
Rebeca Pereira, Writer March 1, 2021
Young people across the South have watched as pipes ran bone-dry or burst and have helped haul buckets of non-potable pool water up flights stairs to flush neighbors’ unflushable toilets. But even Texas’ youngest and fittest are impotent to an indiscriminate storm and the impenetrable immunity of youth has come undeniably into question under the strain of freezing temperatures and unstable power.
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Six movies to swoon over this Valentine’s Day

Did you set up an at home theater this Valentine's Day? Next step is playing one of these movies
Aaron Vincent Facundo, TV/Film Editor February 14, 2021
Can't decide on the perfect flick to watch with your beau? Here's six of our film editor's favorites.
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The unknowable Britney Spears

What “The New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears” tells us about the "Oops I Did It Again" Singer.
Kacey Connolly, Podcast Editor February 11, 2021
On Feb. 5th, Hulu released a docu-series, “The New York Times Presents,” that offers six standalone documentaries on six different topics, the last of which consists of a full-scale investigation on the life of Spears.
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UMass Amherst begins administering the COVID-19 vaccine at it’s new clinic

Clinic planner explains the process of vaccination and clinic procedures
Talia Heisey, Writer February 10, 2021
UMass' COVID vaccine clinic opened on Jan. 14, and continuing throughout the spring semester, this clinic is one of 49 other vaccination sites across the state, which has been administering a two-dose Moderna vaccine. 
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UMass fraternity throws party against COVID-19 restrictions

Students express strong emotions against first documented large gathering
Nicole Biagioni, Writer February 9, 2021
The UMass community reacts to the COVID-spreading party that took place at the Theta Chi fraternity this past weekend.
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