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Six movies to swoon over this Valentine’s Day

Did you set up an at home theater this Valentine's Day? Next step is playing one of these movies
Aaron Vincent Facundo, TV/Film Editor February 14, 2021
Can't decide on the perfect flick to watch with your beau? Here's six of our film editor's favorites.
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The unknowable Britney Spears

What “The New York Times Presents Framing Britney Spears” tells us about the "Oops I Did It Again" Singer.
Kacey Connolly, Podcast Editor February 11, 2021
On Feb. 5th, Hulu released a docu-series, “The New York Times Presents,” that offers six standalone documentaries on six different topics, the last of which consists of a full-scale investigation on the life of Spears.
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UMass Amherst begins administering the COVID-19 vaccine at it’s new clinic

Clinic planner explains the process of vaccination and clinic procedures
Talia Heisey, Writer February 10, 2021
UMass' COVID vaccine clinic opened on Jan. 14, and continuing throughout the spring semester, this clinic is one of 49 other vaccination sites across the state, which has been administering a two-dose Moderna vaccine. 
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UMass fraternity throws party against COVID-19 restrictions

Students express strong emotions against first documented large gathering
Nicole Biagioni, Writer February 9, 2021
The UMass community reacts to the COVID-spreading party that took place at the Theta Chi fraternity this past weekend.
Picture from the San Francisco Bay View courtesy of Google Images

Mass incarceration in Massachusetts

Narratives from formerly incarcerated advocates and their vision of a future beyond prisons
Talia Heisey, Writer November 16, 2020
What are the experiences of those imprisoned within Massachusetts?
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Delaware to deliver victory speech from Google Images

A whirlwind of a Presidential election

Overwhelming feelings have come to light from the results of the Election Day that turned into Election Week
Abbie Gracie, Co-News Editor November 11, 2020
On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris have officially become the president-elect and vice president-elect for the next four years, making Donald Trump one of the few incumbent presidents to lose in his race for a second term. The results brought a lot of conflicting emotions throughout the United States. 
How I escaped 'The Proud Boys' ideology

How I escaped ‘The Proud Boys’ ideology

Matt Languedoc, Writer October 29, 2020
Before "the Proud Boys" became a hate group, I attended one of their first events in 2018. Here is how the movement has evolved, and how much my ideology has changed since.
Artwork by Kacey Connolly.

The Zoo Report: Elise Hankis on quarantining at the UMass Hotel

The girls learn everything about the UMass quarantine experience.
Kacey Connolly and Chloe Lindahl October 29, 2020
Tune in to hear a royal segment of "Cloutiest Couples."
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“Honor Her Wish” a touching tribute to the late RBG

A star-studded event reflecting on the life, accomplishments and legacy left by the lost justice 
Nasya Blackshear, Entertainment Editor October 15, 2020
Honor Her Wish, was an amazing tribute to a true icon and American hero. The work RBG did for women and equality will leave its lasting marks on our country.
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How did we get Joji from Filthy Frank?

The Japanese artist is making waves with his sophomore album "Nectar," the only question is: how did we get here?
Isabel Guilmette, Contributor October 8, 2020
His channel self-described him as “embodiment of everything a person should not be.” Joji, the laid back alternative artist, has always been there lingering in the background.
Sororities tackle the recruitment process over Zoom

Sororities tackle the recruitment process over Zoom

Nicole Biagioni, Writer October 3, 2020
Nothing about this year is normal; classes and RSO’s are no different and for the most part, online. So how does one aspect of college life, specifically Greek life, adapt to the new normal? 
From left to right: Tyler Cole, Gabriel Martinez, Tyler Freeman, James Chouinard, Brendan Nagy / credit: Amanda Laferriere

Coastals release new single “Watercolors”

The Florida five-piece gets introspective about their single and what’s coming up next for the band
Nasya Blackshear, Entertainment Editor October 2, 2020
“We looked within rather than everywhere else. This is really going to be an exploration of ourselves and how we deal with things that everyone will inevitably go through or experiences that aren’t pleasant,” said Freeman.
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