Five ideas for a safe Valentine’s Day

How to have the best date night during a pandemic


This past year has been hard for couples. Normal date night activities have been incredibly limited, as we all do our part in keeping each other safe and healthy. The fact is, we may not be able to have the Valentine’s Day we might have planned, but there are still plenty of activities we can do with our significant other (or friends!), to show our love and appreciation; the responsible way. Here are five ideas for a safe and fun V-Day. 

1. Cook a Homemade Meal

Many of us picture dining at a fancy restaurant for a night out, but who’s to say we can’t recreate the experience at home? Grab some candles, and maybe even a white tablecloth, and set up a romantic dinner right in your own home. Set aside a few hours to spend some quality time with your partner in the kitchen, whipping up a homemade recipe that maybe you have always wanted to try or haven’t had time to make. It’s a great way to deepen your bond with one another; plus, who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? If you and your partner can’t be physically together for the holiday, consider taking a virtual cooking class together for a shared (and delicious) experience. 

2. Create your own Paint Bar

Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, painting or making crafts with one another is a fun and relaxing activity for a cozy night in. Not to mention, you will be making something sentimental that you can both keep to remember one another. Grab some easels at the craft store and paint of your choice, and set up a little space at home to unleash your inner Picasso (or pro finger painter). One fun idea is setting your easels up facing away from one another, so you won’t know what the other is painting until the final reveal. If you can’t be with your significant other on V-Day, you can Zoom or FaceTime while you get your paint on. Add some tunes and beverage of your choice, and you will have created your very own private paint bar.

3. Have a Picnic Inside 

New England weather, and especially the recent snowstorms, make it next-to-impossible to have a picnic outside in February. But who’s to say you can’t move it inside? A picnic is a timeless, romantic date, and can be super easy to put together last minute. Grab a big blanket or old sheet and lay it out on your living room floor, or any comfortable spot in your house. Next, place some comfy pillows, light a candle, maybe grab a deck of cards, and put on some music. Feeling fancy? Look up a quick and easy recipe and chef it up at home. If you’re not as confident in your cooking skills, order takeout from your favorite spot, pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from the grocery store, and enjoy your warm, COVID safe, romantic night with your significant other. 

4. Bring the Movie Theater to your Living Room

The movie theater is a classic date night option, but may not be the safest place to be right now. That’s why this Valentines Day, you can bring the movie theater right into your living room. We all know the best part about the movie theater is the snacks, so first things first, head out to the store and grab microwavable popcorn, butter, and some of your favorite candy and chocolates. If you have a projector, this will really feel like you’re right in the theater. If not, turn on your TV and throw on a new movie you both have never seen before, or one you’ve been planning on watching together. Grab a cozy blanket, turn off the lights, and hunker in. It may not be the real movie theater, but it might just be the next best thing. 

5. Have a Game Night

Another creative and safe way to enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your S.O. is to have a game night. Grab some of your favorite snacks, put on some music, and pull out your favorite two-player games. There are plenty of games to choose from such as 500 Rummy, Sequence, Mancala, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Guess Who, Stratego, Connect Four, Checkers and Chess. Don’t have anything on hand? Head to your closest Target and look for a new game to try! Games can keep you occupied for hours at a time, while also giving you the chance for a little friendly competition.  


Although the pandemic is making date nights more challenging, the circumstances present the perfect opportunity to get creative. Plus, Valentine’s Day is really just about spending time with the people you love, whether they be a significant other, friends, or family members. So get artistic with a paint bar, get cozy with a movie night, or get competitive with a game night. Who’s to say this pandemic Valentine’s Day won’t be the best one yet?


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