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Life “upside-down”: How international students have taken UMass abroad

How international students are coping with the pandemic and classes, when they live on the other side of the world
Rebeca Pereira, Contributing Writer October 28, 2020
Public universities and the college towns they are situated in rely on their ability to accommodate international students, but the fate of international students is only one of many considerations in the race to reopen.
Artwork by Kacey Connolly.

The Zoo Report: Post Quarantine

Chloe Lindahl and Kacey Connolly September 30, 2020
In their first episode of 2020, Kacey Connolly and Chloe Lindahl are back with a recap!
(DavioTheOne / Flickr)

The Student Perspective in Quarantine

COVID-19 has a significant impact on the mental health of college students
Brie Bristol, Writer May 3, 2020
For students in higher education, the world today has drastically impacted their mental health as they struggle to continue with online courses, unemployed, homelessness, and possible illness. 
Amherst College suspends classes and moves to remote learning

Amherst College suspends classes and moves to remote learning

Decision made over concern of coronavirus, although not yet present at the campus
Nicole Biagioni, Contributing Writer March 10, 2020
Amherst College suspends classes and moves to remote learning for the semester.
(madame.furie / Flickr)

Five things I wish I packed for my semester abroad

Things I forgot that other students might too.
Katherine Kelley, Writer November 14, 2019
Essentials that students may forget when studying abroad.
Five places to go in Dublin for a cocktail, a nosh and a view

Five places to go in Dublin for a cocktail, a nosh and a view

Contemporary spots with unique atmosphere that go beyond the traditional Irish fare.
Katherine Kelley, Writer October 22, 2019
Contemporary spots with unique atmospheres that go beyond the traditional Irish fare.
Hveragerdi, Hringsja sign (Lynn B. Macalingay)

Planning a summer trip to Iceland

Enjoy the never ending days of Iceland in the summer.
Shannon Macalingay, LifeStyle Editor October 14, 2019
How to pack for the chilly temperatures of Iceland's summer.
Kiyomizu Temple looking over Kyoto

Five must places to visit in Kyoto

Seeing a beautiful traditional Kyoto from a modern perspective.
Ying Hua, Contributor October 7, 2019
Appreciate the historical and modern fusion of Kyoto, Japan.
University of Manchester

Studying abroad in Manchester, England

Making the most out of studying abroad.
Megha Srinivasan, Social Media Editor October 4, 2019
Release all expectations before going abroad.
(Justin Risley/ Amherst Wire)

Kyoto Hanami: The blooming cherry blossoms of Kyoto, Japan

Amherst Wire photographer Justin Risley captures the timeless beauty of Japan's blooming cherry blossoms and the modern world that appreciates them.
Justin Risley, Photographer April 28, 2019
The precious, short-lived bloom of the sakura attracts admirers from across the globe.
(brettmadisonelliot/ Wikimedia Commons)

How to pack for spring break

Some tips and tricks for packing – spring break edition
Emma Sammuli, Contributor March 7, 2019
Here are some tips for those preparing to travel this spring break – happy packing!
Restaurant by el Retiro (Isabel Fowler/ Amherst Wire)

A day in Madrid

Five things to check out during your time in Madrid.
Isabel Fowler, Lifestyle Editor February 13, 2019
Whether you're studying abroad or simply traveling, add these things to you to-do list when you go to Madrid.
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