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Finding alternative ways to travel abroad

Finding alternative ways to travel abroad

The college student’s hack to traveling on a budget
Lily O'Neill, Writer March 23, 2022
The reality of travel can quickly set in through time limits, added costs and general anxiety, but instead of giving up on your travel dreams, consider these endless ways to travel that are both affordable and fulfilling.
Life upside-down: How international students have taken UMass abroad

Life “upside-down”: How international students have taken UMass abroad

How international students are coping with the pandemic and classes, when they live on the other side of the world
Rebeca Pereira, Contributing Writer October 28, 2020
Public universities and the college towns they are situated in rely on their ability to accommodate international students, but the fate of international students is only one of many considerations in the race to reopen.
Restaurant by el Retiro (Isabel Fowler/ Amherst Wire)

A day in Madrid

Five things to check out during your time in Madrid.
Isabel Fowler, Lifestyle Editor February 13, 2019
Whether you're studying abroad or simply traveling, add these things to you to-do list when you go to Madrid.
Catalonian flags hang on a balcony

Everything you need to know about the political crisis in Barcelona

What study abroad guides fail to mention
Jordan Reisman, Contributor October 6, 2018
Is there still an ongoing conflict in Barcelona? Yes. Should you stay home to avoid it? No. What you can do, though, is educate yourself.
A view of Paris. (Sifa Kasongo/Amherst Wire)

I forgot my native language, so I learned it again

How studying abroad helped me regain my native tongue
Sifa Kasongo, Writer May 3, 2018
Everything I’ve done so far has contributed to me getting where I am with my French today, but I think the one thing that really moved me to the next level was studying abroad.
Jack Hamm explores the intersection of clubs, study abroad and relationships. (Jack Hamm/Amherst Wire).

Long-distance relationships, study abroad: A cautionary tale

Jack Hamm, Writer April 18, 2018
Go abroad. Do it. You’ll kick yourself for passing on it. Just know, you’re not the center of the earth, and that time isn’t just your five months. It’s everyone else’s, too.
A typical Japanese Train, surprisingly empty. The perfect scenery for an existential crisis.

I saw God and he was a train

Before I left the United States, I told myself this experience would be a turning point in my life. I thought it was going to make me a more passionate, successful person. But no city can do that.
Kyle Olsen, Writer September 29, 2017
Life is hard sometimes, and you can always try to create experiences in an attempt to find yourself, or that missing piece of courage, charisma, or whatever you feel you may be lacking. But, it’s also okay to do something and not get slapped in the face with some life lesson in the end.
Westminster Bridge, London. (Grahamvphoto/Flickr)

UMass students safe after London attack, officials say

Morgan Hughes, Campus News Editor March 22, 2017
University of Massachusetts Amherst spokesperson Ed Blaguszewski released a statement saying university officials are in the process of confirming the safety of students studying abroad in the London area after an attack.
Sunset on the horizons of Malaga, Spain.

Study Abroad: The most vulnerable four months of my life

Nujhat Purnata, Contributor March 20, 2017
Studying abroad might not be the easiest four months of your life, it might not even be the best, but it sure is a thrilling rollercoaster which requires solid optimism.
Study abroad: A three-week trip is a valuable experience

Study abroad: A three-week trip is a valuable experience

Danielle Aihini, Travel Editor February 7, 2017
"Three weeks was the perfect amount of time. I saw more, did more and ate more than I could have ever imagined and I left a better version of myself as a result."
Watching the sunset while sitting on Chapmans Peak.

Embracing the imperfections of studying abroad

Traveling is thrilling, exhausting, confusing and amazing all at once.
Adrienne Gagne, Contributor December 6, 2016
"Oftentimes I felt guilty for experiencing any sort of emotion other than elated happiness. However, it’s important to remember that nothing can be perfect all of the time. A few bad days will not negate the countless positive memories you will create during your trip."
Denglisch: Learning German in Germany

“Denglisch”: Learning German in Germany

A shaky grasp on the German language leads to some humorous misadventures while studying abroad.
Shannon Broderick , Travel Editor February 11, 2016
The language barrier, and subsequent misadventures, were exhausting, overwhelming, and seemingly impossible to overcome. In addition to my limited vocabulary and shaky sentence structure, I had a habit of mangling German words without repair. My attempts to make the harsh, hissing-cat voice in the back of my throat made everyone, including myself, wince, and I had never been so self-aware of my own American accent.
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