‘May’ you be the most fashionable

When you hear the word spring, you probably think of the months of April or May, baby chicks, and freshly blooming flowers. Here at UMass, we relish in a couple weeks of warmer and sunnier weather, and we can finally select our favorite short dresses and sandals to wear. Allow your wardrobe to blossom this month with the spring fashion tips below and “May” you be the most fashionable!

1. Earth tones

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Green represents plants, brown represents soil, gold and silver are metals, blue represents the sky, and beige represents sand. After months of having a landscape covered by snow, we can now finally see the grass, the sun, and a blue sky. Therefore, match the environment and represent the new season by wearing earthy tones! And speaking of endorsing nature, go au-naturel and try a day without makeup. And if you have issues with your skin, try treating yourself to a face mask. You can buy Que Bella ones really cheap at Target. These masks include earthy ingredients that will draw impurities out and restore clear skin.

2. Spring manicure time

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Treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Pastels elicit good moods and spring vibes. Baby pink nail shades during spring are a classic decision, but I also love baby blue, lavender and turquoise because these colors resemble the precious Robin’s egg (especially if you add silver sparkly speckles). Besides light shades of pink and blue, magenta nails are also a beautiful choice for spring. So many purple, hot pink, and crimson flowers (like tulips) blossom during this season, so magenta is a nice choice if you’d prefer a darker color to show off your spring spirit. Amherst Nails is a good salon to go to, and the new nail salon at the mall, Nail Pro, is wonderful too.

3. Hide from the sun in style

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Protect your precious skin while making a fashion statement by purchasing a cute sun hat or sunglasses. I got a nice chocolate sun hat (pictured above) at Forever 21 for $16. Sunglasses are also a staple for sunny days in spring. You can get them pretty much anywhere, even conveniently at CVS or Target. Fun fact: sunglasses have been proven to make you more attractive. Sunglasses are connected to “edginess, glamour, and mystery,” and they make the wearer more attractive by “boosting facial symmetry.” It’s also important to note that too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles and skin cancer. The worst case is malignant melanoma, which is the most serious and fatal form of skin cancer. So, fashionable sunglasses or hats not only look good, but they’re literal lifesavers!

4. Luxurious lace heaven

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Exemplify grace and elegance by wearing some ladylike lace this spring. Show the world what a lady you are by dawning a classy lace blouse or flowy dress! For matching spring shoes, I recommend cushioned ballet flats if you’re in jeans, and pumps or strappy beige, silver or nude heels if you’re in a flowy dress. Careful shoe selection is always a must so that you can comfortably walk around outside despite spring breezes or long distances. Don’t forget to add earrings to your ensemble as well. I advocate for earrings every day, with every outfit! Pearls or silver studs almost never hurt, and dangly earrings look fantastic with ball gowns. Avoid pairing fancy earrings with jeans or sweatpants at all costs.

5. Let your style shine (literally)

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Fashion is up to the individual, and your mood and instincts determine which outfit pieces you choose. Sometimes, you’ll try on an accessory with an outfit and realize that the match is completely wrong, and in this case, you just keep trying! Fashion is not just artwork, it’s a game. Putting together an outfit is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle — you can only work with the pieces you have available, and naturally, some trial and error will occur as you try to put these pieces together. There are other variables, too, like the weather, the amount of time you must get ready, and the occasion. But when every piece is finally matched and you’re ready to walk out the door, nothing beats that “mission accomplished” feeling!

6. Welcome a new ‘do

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I am always afraid of the hairdresser cutting off way more than I ask for, so I am cautious about getting haircuts. If you like long hair, just remind your hairdresser that you still want to keep it long, and you only want a little bit off.

I recently had an issue in which one side of my hair was growing faster than the other. I was hesitant to get it cut because I had an experience as a child where I asked for a trim and ended up getting a bob cut. But now that I finally got my hair cut, the ends look so much better and my hair is still really long. My hair also actually looks neat when I wear it down now! If you like your length, get subtle highlights or lowlights, that way your look doesn’t change too dramatically but you still get something fun and new.

Finally, if you’re the type that always wears your hair down, wear it up, and if you always wear it up, try wearing it down. It’s so refreshing to see the girl who likes to have her long hair flopping around everywhere tie it back into a classy low ponytail. Even a simple hair part change will give you a new look. Since spring and the end of the semester is a time of change, a new hairstyle is an appearance change that will be fresh, but still easy to alter if you change your mind later on.

7. Tend to your makeup and accessory collection

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If you’re like me, or most women, you probably have a bunch of unused makeup or accessories lying around in your drawer. Just as it’s refreshing to go through your room and purge all trash and things you don’t need, it’s refreshing to open your drawer or makeup bag and get rid of all the old and unused makeup that you don’t need anymore. The average woman allows 87 percent of her makeup products to go to waste! 

So now that classes are wrapped up, you hopefully have time to go through your drawer and find out what all the accessories and cosmetics you have available are (because fashion is more fun than studying for finals)! The most exciting part of this process? You might find some great spring accessories! I found an old floral headband at the bottom of my drawer that I haven’t worn in a year, some adorable sparkly earrings, and a new tub of foundation that I just completely forgot I owned. You never know what hidden gems you might dig up.

And even if you are aware of all your makeup, you still want to be mindful of fashion details that are important for spring. Don’t wear really dark or gaudy eyeshadow with pastel clothing. Instead, nudes, tans, or light pink eyeshadow is your best bet. And tinted lip balm is not only much easier to put on than lipstick, but it’s also more seasonal to have shiny, glossy, slightly colored lips rather than something too dark. As we pack our dorms for the end of the semester, it’s imperative to pay attention to your makeup collection and only bring home products that you will actually use. 

8. Play with patterns

Chanel Connor/Amherst Wire

Besides florals, think boho and paisley. Plant a new seed in your wardrobe by treating yourself to a new dress, pair of shoes, or at least a small accessory. You deserve it.

Here’s to being fashionable this spring!

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