Four sweaters to try out for the colder seasons

Four different sweaters you definitely need for the fall and winter.


Matt Hachisu, Contributor

There is an unspoken tradition for “dudes” to not wear sweaters and instead wear clunky hoodies and ugly Patagonia fleece jumpers. At least at UMass Amherst, this seems to be a prevalent phenomenon. I prepared four types of stylish sweaters that are perfect for the cold seasons.


A classic merino black wool sweater that can be used to layer on top of clothes and can be paired with most trousers.

Sweaters make guys look cozy, intellectual and they showcase the male form extremely well. 

The first look is the classic black merino sweater. It is a very fine wool sweater that is perfect for when you want to look professional but still casual and comfortable. Because it is one of the most versatile sweaters, it can pass as semi-formal if paired with a dress shirt. The sweater is easy to pair with most trousers such as denim, chinos, and dress pants. 

The key to finding the perfect sweater for each person is to know your fit. Fit is the most important part of the shopping period but is often overlooked when buying sweaters. Look out for a sweater that compliments your physique but is still comfortable to be in. 

If someone with a broad upper body and a small waist were to look for a sweater, the ideal is something wide enough so the chest isn’t too tight but tapers down to the waist. When trying out sweaters, try them on with clothing you might layer on such as dress shirts, casual shirts, or t-shirts. 


A classic varsity cardigan that can be used with accessories.

Next up is a classic varsity cardigan. This is a classic 60’s revival look that high street brands, Topman and Tommy Hilfiger, like to carry in their collections. It brings out the character in a very chic way than a plain solid cardigan would.

I styled this with street-wear style cargo pants and a scoop neck t-shirt from AllSaints. The lines on the cardigan will add a linear layer to your outfit and is also a perfect opportunity to accessorize.


A vintage French military-style sweater that has a great fit.

This third look is my current favorite outfit by far. The sweater is a vintage French military-style sweater that I found at the Garment District in Cambridge, MA.

The trousers are from Bonobos, which provides the most perfect fit for all body types. The pair above is the 5 pocket tech chinos in the athletic fit. Its athletic fit gives some room for the hip and thighs to fit in while still tapering down to the ankles.

The shoes are the midtown boots from YOOX. They go perfectly with the black pepper color of the pants and the solid black of the sweater.

My favorite part about this look is the composition of the gold chain with the military sweater as well as the matching of the chino and the dress/casual boots. It gives off a distinct Russian mobster look that I am obsessed with. Try this at home kids.


A bright red cable knit sweater in replace of the typical Christmas sweater.

Lastly, an alternative to the ugly Christmas sweater—bright scarlet cable knit sweater is a statement piece for those who do not wear a ton of bright colors in their outfits. Before going straight to a piece with loud patterns, I recommend starting with a bright solid color piece to find your style.

This outfit’s style is basically built for the sweater to pop. The black ZARA pants go perfectly with the red and the white sneakers help add some dimension to the outfit, while still having the sweater in mind. The best part about this sweater is that it can be worn all year round, not just for the holiday season.

Here it is, the most effortless ways of adding any kind of depth to your fall or winter wardrobe. These sweaters were mostly found in vintage stores and thrift stores. It’s pretty easy to find these at your local GoodWill or Buffalo Exchange so I recommend heading over there now and be creative. 

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