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Raaya Alim and her family/ Raaya Alim

Texas winter storm spares no one

Frigid temperatures and an electric grid rigged for profiteering plunged Texas into week-long dark age, startling UMass and other college students with little recollection of the system’s previous lapses.
Rebeca Pereira, Writer March 1, 2021
Young people across the South have watched as pipes ran bone-dry or burst and have helped haul buckets of non-potable pool water up flights stairs to flush neighbors’ unflushable toilets. But even Texas’ youngest and fittest are impotent to an indiscriminate storm and the impenetrable immunity of youth has come undeniably into question under the strain of freezing temperatures and unstable power.
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“The World’s a Little Blurry”: Billie Eilish’s world of her own

The 19-year-old superstar’s rise-to-fame documentary proves dreams can become a reality
Sean Dunham, Music Entertainment Editor February 28, 2021
Going from an ordinary, music-crazed teenager to a worldwide icon, Eilish's documentary takes viewers on an emotional journey through her life and career.
Daft Punk performing at Coachella, 2006 / Cred. Getty Images.

Daft Punk announces sudden disbandment

The music industry loses a pioneering act, as artists, celebrities, and fans worldwide learn of the duo's permanent split
Isabel Guilmette, Writer February 24, 2021
The French duo leaves behind an electric legacy after nearly 30 years.
Milou in his only live solo performance, Feb. 2020/Brian Licata

UMass student Milou redefines repetition in his “Groundhog’s Day”-like album

The Greenfield native creates a powerful album, "The Colorblind & The Painter" that plays perfectly day or night
Julia Donohue, Managing Editor February 18, 2021
Milou feels less like a current UMass Amherst student and more like an electronic Elliott Smith. He’s engaging, independent and interesting as he is interested in dissecting life through music.
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Taylor Swift kicks off discography re-recording with new single

"Love Story (Taylor's Version)" empowers the artist and the audience who have grown up with her
Isabel Guilmette, Writer February 17, 2021
The track, released Feb. 12, is just one of 26 tracks that will appear on the complete re-recording of Swift’s 2008 album "Fearless".
Theta Chi house courtesy of

UMass fraternity throws party against COVID-19 restrictions

Students express strong emotions against first documented large gathering
Nicole Biagioni, Writer February 9, 2021
The UMass community reacts to the COVID-spreading party that took place at the Theta Chi fraternity this past weekend.
(Janhavee Deshpande)

A snapshot of the life of a Boston medical student during the COVID-19 pandemic

Suffolk County has over 55,000 COVID-19 cases to date
Archana Purohit , Contributor January 8, 2021
Suffolk County has experienced 57,742 cases with upwards of 500 new cases every day. The rise in cases has put heavy pressure on healthcare professionals to treat COVID-19 patients faster and more effectively. Alongside healthcare professionals, roughly 700 medical students at Boston University have been struggling to continue their training during the pandemic.  
Photo Credit: Logan Wilder. From left to right: Tara Maggiulli, Wilson Reardon, Curtis Heimburger and Josh Polack

Mom Rock’s “I Wish Every Day Was Today” brings light to darker days

The Berklee originated group emerges as upcoming stars in music industry
Sean Dunham, Writer November 20, 2020
Featuring four catchy, feel-good songs on the EP, “I Wish Every Day was Today” truly is a must-listen if you are searching for a soundtrack that will lift you up and generate positive energy.
Pictured: Samet with 2 of her hand painted bags. Photo from @cutelilbaggies on Instagram

Meet the NYU student running a small business from her dorm room

Creating your own version of reality that you can wear
Isabel Guilmette, Writer November 18, 2020
Since opening the shop on July 26, Samet has sold around one hundred bags and expanded her business, which originated on Instagram, on several different online shopping websites, including Depop and Etsy, and she isn’t slowing down.
Picture from the San Francisco Bay View courtesy of Google Images

Mass incarceration in Massachusetts

Narratives from formerly incarcerated advocates and their vision of a future beyond prisons
Talia Heisey, Writer November 16, 2020
What are the experiences of those imprisoned within Massachusetts?
(Adam Scanlon /

How a kid from a small town became Massachusetts’ State Representative of the 14th District

Adam Scanlon on climbing the ladder of local politics
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer November 12, 2020
Adam Scanlon, North Attleboro's State Representative, on climbing the ladder of local politics.
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Delaware to deliver victory speech from Google Images

A whirlwind of a Presidential election

Overwhelming feelings have come to light from the results of the Election Day that turned into Election Week
Abbie Gracie, Co-News Editor November 11, 2020
On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris have officially become the president-elect and vice president-elect for the next four years, making Donald Trump one of the few incumbent presidents to lose in his race for a second term. The results brought a lot of conflicting emotions throughout the United States. 
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