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Sev Ohanian speaking at Herbert Hoover High School in 2018 (Photo Credit: Aaron Facundo)

Sev Ohanian: How YouTube fame turned into producing “Judas and the Black Messiah”

At first, he made a few videos with his friends from school. Now, he's working with the likes of Daniel Kaluuya, Zendaya and Michael B. Jordan.
Aaron Vincent Facundo, TV/Film Editor June 19, 2021
He started out as a student journalist, but now he's making movies for the entire world. Storytelling is not just Sev Ohanian's passion, it's his entire life.
Pandemic Politics: Compromise Candidates

Pandemic Politics: Compromise Candidates

Are young organizers pushing their centrist candidates to the left?
Julia Donohue, Managing Editor May 13, 2021
It's very difficult to see beyond, black and white politics, when, you know, you follow your heart out, you were not paid. You went out there in a pandemic, and your person's not doing the things that they said that they were going to do.
Pandemic Politics: Unpaid Internships

Pandemic Politics: Unpaid Internships

Youth organizers dive into the injustice of unpaid progressive campaign labor
Julia Donohue, Managing Editor May 13, 2021
I think if you're bringing someone on and an official role, like as an intern, and you're not paying them, I think that absolutely damages the credibility of any progressive institution, because it makes it inherently elitist, and that exacerbates racial and economic inequalities.
The University of Massachusetts Amherst Skyline from South Field/ Wikimedia Commons user Eraboin

An oral history of UMass’s only remote school year

A first-year student versus a senior's experience
Rebecca Duffy, Campus News Editor May 13, 2021
A first-year student versus a senior's experience.
The Dutch Room after the heist, photographed by the FBI on March 18, 1990 / This Is a Robbery (Netflix)

Netflix’s “This Is a Robbery” Director Colin Barnicle decodes the greatest art heist of all time

“This Is a Robbery” explores the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s unsolved 1990 robbery
Julia Donohue, Managing Editor May 7, 2021
“You hear, ‘Oh, you can't move the art because it's very iconic,' but it's only iconic if people know what it is. If there's no coverage on it, and all the pictures are in black and white, when they are covered, then they're not iconic, and they can be moved.” 
SmashUMA Logo

Inside SmashUMA: the past, present and future of smash

A peek into the famous platform fighters club here at UMass
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer May 7, 2021
SmashUMA is a university club that was approved by the Registered Student Organization back in 2013 with the intention of just getting a group to play some smash. But with COVID-19, arguably the most fun part of the game was taken away; the in-person couch play.
Remix Cover (TheWeekndVEVO)

The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears (Remix)” feat. Ariana Grande: The continuation of an ideal collaboration

A new remix from the duo dropped on April 23
Sean Dunham, Music Entertainment Editor April 25, 2021
A simple, yet captivating music video highlights the song’s release.
SGA logo courtesy of Google Images

A conversation with Sonya Epstein, the former SGA president who didn’t rerun

Sonya Epstein wanted to create a new path for the Student Government Association, instead they found a confrontational Senate and a dismissive administration: Part one of two
Talia Heisey, Writer April 22, 2021
While the past academic year has been well known for its administrative failings, behind the scenes of the Student Government Association, now former President Sonya Epstein, experienced a difficult and tumultuous relationship with members of the SGA. The mental health difficulties of dealing with these confrontations, as well as SGA members spreading rumors about them, eventually led to their decision not to run again despite being only a junior.
Image Cred. Getty Images

“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” better depicts the country artist’s musical identity

13 years later Swift reclaims her breakout album in this recent re-recording
Isabel Guilmette, Writer April 18, 2021
The pop star’s re-recording of her 2008 albumi is one that is both nostalgic and tacitly introspective.
Sexual Assault Awareness Month: My Story

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: My Story

Sexual assault and abuse happens more often than some may think, now is the time for me to tell my story and journey towards healing
Aliana Liz Tavares, Contributor April 13, 2021
My partner knew I had no previous sexual experience and that I was nervous to explore that side of myself. I was naïve and so excited about the start of this relationship that I didn’t process what happened to me until much later.
Ethan Tupelo, a member of the Pedal People, empties a trash can in downtown Northampton in April 2020.

“Massachusetts 2050: A Warming State” How an environmental-focused business launched a Northampton community member into politics

A ride to activism
Caeli Chesin, Writer April 2, 2021
“I just got the idea like I really want to meet everyone in my ward, or everyone that I would represent,” said Jarrett. “Especially with issues of climate change and wealth inequality, we’re not seeing action on a national level. We’re not seeing enough action on the state level, and so municipalities are the ones that need to take the lead.” 
Jess Chevalier

The Pandemic Chronicles: Is it worth staying on campus during a pandemic?

One student's decision to leave campus and finish her semester at home
Ethan Brayall-Brown, Writer March 23, 2021
One student's decision to leave campus and finish her semester at home
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